We do have a  good selection of great quality equipment in our studio. Both modern and vintage. If you miss specific items that you want to use for your recording chances are very big that we have the connections to rent just about anything you wish for. Just drop us a line.



DAW / Interfacing
Mac Pro 2 x 2.66GHz dual core Intel Xeon /w 6GB RAM
Running Pro Tools 10 and Logic X

SSL Nucleus DAW controller

1x RME Fireface 800 A
Main interface going to the DAW

1x RME Fireface 800 B
Daisy chained to FF800A adding 8x ADDA over ADAT

1x Audient ASP
Adding another 8x AD over ADAT

Soundcraft Series 1600 24-2-8
24 channels with british EQ and 8x AUX sends, switchable mic/line inputs
8 busses with fully parametric EQ
All lines freely patchable to any of the line in/outs (Interface & Room) from the patchfields

SSL Nucleus
DAW Controller giving full hands on control over any DAW

Control Room: PSI Audio A-21M / Yamaha NS-10M Studio / Yamaha HS50
Liveroom: 8 lines from the control room feeding various headphone pre-amps (mono or stereo)
Booth: 4 lines from the control room wired in parallel to to the liveroom
A collection of various open/closed Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic headphones available

24 channels – Soundcraft series 1600
8 channels   – RME fireface
8 channels   – Audient ASP008
2 channels   – Audient MICO
2 channels   – SSL nucleus
2 channels   – Golden Age pre73 Neve 1073 clone
2 channels   – Aphex Tube preamp
1 channel     – Bellari Tube preamp

1x API2500 stereo bus compressor
1x ‘Gyraf’ SSL VCA Bus stereo bus compressor /w Oxford mod (DIY)
1x ‘Gyraf’ SSL VCA Bus stereo bus compressor /w Sidechain mod (DIY)
1x Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor
1x Dual Pulteq EQ (DIY)
1x Dual MAAG eq4 (DIY)
1x Avalon 747sp Tube stereo bus compressor/EQ
1x BSS DPR901-II dynamic EQ
1x BSS DPR404 quad compressor/de-esser
1x Drawmer 1978 stereo bus FET Compressor
1x Drawmer DL241 dual compressor/limiter
1x DBX160X compressor
1x DBX166 dual compressor
1x FMR RNC stereo compressor
1x Sansamp PSA-1 overdrive / distortion / amp sim
2x Boss RE-20 Space Echo
1x HH electronic Tape Delay
1x Yamaha SPX990 multi FX
1x TC Electronics M2000 multi FX
1x Lexicon LXP15 multi FX

1x Shure KSM8
6x Shure SM58
1x Shure Beta58a
6x Shure SM57
2x Shure Beta57a
2x Shure Beta52a
1x Shure Beta91a
2x Shure PG81
1x Shure PG56
1x Beyerdynamic M69TG
1x Beyerdynamic M88TG
2x Beyerdynamic M130
1x Beyerdynamic M160
1x Beyerdynamic M380
1x Beyerdynamic M260
2x Beyerdynamic M201
1x Beyerdynamic M101
1x Beyerdynamic MC930
6x Sennheiser MD421 (mkI)
1x Sennheiser MD421 (mkII)
3x Sennheiser MD441
1x Sennheiser blackfire 504
2x AKG c214
2x AKG c391
3x AKG D190
2x Audio Technica AT2020
1x Audio Technca pro35
1x Electro Voice RE20
1x Electro Voice RE320
1x Electro Voice 868
2x DIY Ribbon mic
2x Royer Ribbon clones
1x Oktava ML-52-02 Dual Ribbon
1x Groove Tubes MD-1 Tube Condenser

1x Rupert Neve DI
1x BSS AR133 DI
1x H&K Redbox speaker DI

Amplifiers / Cabinets
Ampeg / Marshall  / Sound City / Fender / SWR / London City

Gretsch Catalina
22″ Kick / 14″ Snare / 12″ and 13″ Racktom / 16″ Floortom

Pearl Wood Fiberglass
22″ Kick / 13″ Racktom / 16″ Floortom

Gibraltar pedal, HiHat and 2x Cymbal stand
Zildjan ZBT HiHat, Crash & Ride cymbals

And a small collection of pedals, percussion and other toys.