Started soundengineering somewhere in 2006 as I walked into the OCCII and got fascinated with all those buttons and the noise they produced. After setting my first steps in sound engineering in the OCCII I decided I wanted more of that and grasped every opportunity to mix bands in pretty much every DIY venue in the Netherlands. After some years I decided it’d be a good choice to do an education in sound engineering to solidify my theoretical knowledge on these subjects as well as getting more chances on the practical side of things. I started a study on the Herman Brood Academie in Utrecht which I completed in 2011. Ever since I work as a freelance livesound engineer for several bands, festivals & companies. From 2016 on I will start another education on the Willem de Kooning Academy in the Audiovisual Design department in Rotterdam.

My recording activities started out by coincidence as some friends asked me; “Hey, you do sound right? Can you record as well?”. Actually I didn’t have a clue how to do that but figured it couldn’t be to complicated, right? So I bought a multitrack recorder, asked if we could use to OCCII and just did it! After messing around, trying, failing, failing again we managed to record 2 tracks that got released on a 7″! My first record was a fact.

After that more bands asked me to record their stuff and I looked for bands that I wanted to record. Slowly learning the tricks of the trade I felt more and more limited by bad equipment and ending up spending all my money on better recording gear. Better recording gear meant that the harsh acoustics of tiny practice spaces and empty venues became even more evident. So when a space came free at the Binnenpret collective I couldn’t resist calling some friends that I thought might be into starting a recording studio. After Mario’s enthousiastic response, having the same idea in his head for a while already the idea of RPM was born!

For my live sound activities, check here: Independent Audio Works