Not only the website is getting an update. We are also currently integrating our Soundcraft Series 1600 mixing console in our Control Room setup! It will function as a tracking, mixing & summing station with all mixer and DAW inputs, outputs and inserts freely patchable to our outboard gear, FX and whatever else you want to connect to it. All while retaining total control of your DAW with the SSL Nucleus DAW controller.

Besides that we had quite a few other gear upgrades with some great classic gear like the Yamaha NS10M Studio’s for monitoring, the BSS DPR 901-II multiband EQ/comp, the Avalon 747SP tube buss compressor/eq and much more.

All should be up and running by the end of june and we hope to see you then to come and record with us.

And maybe we have another video session coming up around the same time as well..